Every friday at the cabaret district

One Friday, at the cabaret district
Where woeful souls idle, to sink
In the red light’s booze entertainment; when the night falls, severed
Pieces look for places of attachment
Here at the cabaret, I met you.

Every Friday, I wash up the shore
Naked, baffled
Entangled by sea sand
I stand; I seek a will to convey what mere flesh entwined, cannot
A bewitching stranger, collapsing into embrace
Here at the cabaret, I met you

Your lips reckon me out of realism, gently lay atop my natural breast
I surrender.
You, as frail and white as the first snow.
I surrender.

In a forlorn globe of chaos, discernment, nudity, unheeded cognizance and lust
Breaking barriers, You mimic the sun’s vital force
For you without, bulbs are a failing victim to hollow darkness. 

The memory of you, lord; bitter red, coffee, orchids at the vineyard
The hue of your black hole eyes, a rainbow after dusk
If you were a drug, it’d be irresistible

I say, mister I’m pursuing a woman who’s name I know not
Who’s sweet voice I hear everyday, who’s picture I have not
Who’s hands met me only once that Friday moons ago
They tell me not, a fool they bloat
One should never seek, a courtesan
I fool, I mind not.

Fridays; I take up five drags, the smoke stutters my breath escaping
For your name floats at the back of my throat, I’m certain a lovely name it was, the tongue is its compression.

I slid across unknown streets, rooftops, elevators, rooms
To see my red maiden
Does she not remember me from a vague Friday?
The magic whispers when I first saw you
To the ecstasy borne intimacy
All the apparents come crushing by
And you evanesced leaving me with my absent words
Your name I recall not.

Come see me, how I waited so long
On chill crowded pavements, I may not be a liquor man
I shall nevertheless drink away to keep you warm
From your flowing gown, caressed by your straight coal hair
To your slender frame limping my neurons
Every feature embedded, I can never forget

Come see me, how I searched so long
Every Friday, at the cabaret district

The parking ticket machine

Across a fine sandy wide field
Solitary, a traveller fixed
I look at you as you appear
Out of my window
Orangely black, contrast the gravel

You remind me of me
So, I look at you as you appear
Out of my window

I sometimes fancy, you were a person
A person who waits for me, a person who came for me
I  sometimes wish, you were a time machine
That I’m your discovery

Pushing away the curtains faintly, seasons transcending
You still are the same
You remind me of me
Solitary, a traveller fixed
Now, I just want to embrace you
But I shut the curtains

Through the shadows
You seem like a person


Limelight Love

It was a long day
And I returned home
Promenading elsewhere, from the bus stop

I hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp, meteoric gleam
My gloves yawning into my winter cloak
I saw a sweet face everytime the light came on
An unworldly heartsick man stood by
In all jet black; Tall and pale
Olive lime eyes heeded me

The chest pumped as I raced my heels
This was my darling, he was right there
So, I called out his name
Responding, he smiled
Relief; the happiness,verged
He held out his hand
I reached

We spent infinity on earth, at a country café
And began to rhapsodize conversations of sci-fi, music, christmas, theatre all okay
He told me how he had been, how his work wasn’t all that good
That he reminisced of me time to time
That whenever he did, strummed a few acoustic chords
And weeped a droplet or two
I wrote about him
And did too.
If one were to make a wish out of wishes, I would want time to freeze
In its control, to let me meet his warm cheek across the table;
Eternal elapse

A hasty night curtain, he leaves
A never tomorrow with me, with us
Outside that cranky door
The coffee cold by my trembling fingers
He’s gone into his life
Where I can’t watch him grow

That night I had forgotten
But,I still hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp
I see a sweet face everytime the light comes on
He holds out his hand, smiling

The chest pumps as I race my heels
Reality aches over fantasy
R&B player dismays a delusive mind
I sink to my knees next to the pole
On the snowy esplanade, reflecting a meteoric gleaming

This scene, the starless episode
I told them to fix the lamp

It was a long day
And I returned home.

Baby, pour me whiskey

Baby, pour me whiskey
In the dim, lay back by the couch
Let the jazz trickle into our bodies, compose harmony
With the jack cascading through our veins

Baby, pour me whiskey
Tonight, we’ll get high and washed
Until your purple lips have no more sagas to sing
We’ll sell ourselves to the silence of these gazes, filling empressement
And revenant kisses.

So, Baby pour me whiskey
Sing me those sweet lullabies
Seize the gravid night through your pretty song
Drag my depths to ream
Grip my hand, across the stifling supermoon
Plead me glee, away from scrutiny

Harmony plays; the jack cascading through our veins
So, Baby pour me whiskey
I’ll be at the bistro, waiting

The Passionate Night’s Plead


The heartfelt melody seeps through a millennium agglomerated layers of soot and smoke
Deep down, worn and torn bodies smuggle lorries, riding the starless infinite eventide

Me and you are strangers, smeared in blood
Smacked in kisses, drowning in the night of sheer bliss

Under the dazzling moon, we shall rise and fall rhythmically
As you penetrate the lechery in me, for all thy world’s joy lies in my benevolent bosom.

Ah, what a splendid harmony
As our breathes quicken and you rise higher and higher above that dazzling moon, spreading your flamboyant wings
Embracing me from all hell’s misery

Ah, what a sin it makes, to adore you
       what a sin it makes, to yearn for you


I shall be your humble Empress on this sin filled obscureness
Guarding hell’s glory against you

Give us freedom
Give us joy
Give us Amour

And cheers to the sinless lone glass pieces
Rendering to their souls.


As I walk into a wintry anticipated December, I’m leaving behind 336 days, 11 months and 44 weeks; of continual changes, of inclination and remedy; of spontaneity and wrench; of isolation, fatigue and purple rain. I’m leaving behind 2016. The worst year to have been recorded according to some critics. I nonchalantly agree.
There hasn’t been a single day where I wasn’t held captive of my thoughts. But, it has been never wonderful than ever to have marked the beginning of a new me at the doors of love. It is truly love that takes you to places you’ve never been to, evoking perpetual mental constitution. I can almost feel rainbows at the tip of my fingers. Colourful. I have the potential to manifest and explore anything that a boundless head could possibly bring forth through the heights of imaginative fantasy and desire.
I want to embrace all of the flaws that grew and shed throughout the torrid summer days.
Now, winter has come.
The child who sat idly at the bay must come back to his home.

I imagine myself as I lay here in the radial of my bed standing at the edge of a cliff in a snowy blizzard, the cold brittles past me and I stand with open arms to the night sky who whispers me of the moon’s flaws- the reason it is contrastive from other entities.
I stand unwavering, indiscreet, oblivious to the world.
‘Winter child behold the dawn of tomorrow, rebirth of your soul’


That girl across the marsh

One morning, long back
Across the marsh, I had glimpsed a fair maiden
Big eyes, bluish torqouise
Befitting red apple smile, plush rosy cheek
Across the marsh, a dandelion among weeds.

Her joyous demeanour, tender gape
Sunny exuberant
Lit the azure sky for a few moments
I ne’er forgot her
Everywhile I saw her
I began to smile
I desired to converse with her
Get into her eyes
My name on her lips.

She danced like an egret in flight
Delicately elaborate; swift, smooth
Her voice, euphonious chirping
How her limbs were so good
She took a sport, swaying her arms, winning trophies
Such vigour, such purity, such gentleness.

But, I ne’er could speak with her
My heart felt heavy
My tongue twisting
My fears condescending
And before I time myself
Long gone is she.

I write this as she came to me
And I let go the occasion to speak with her
I want to tell it to her
That her dance makes my chest weightless
That I saw her long back
Starstruck, bedazzled.

I let her off my mind for quite a while
Within the two years I’d known her
I had my own lovers; one or two, spite and alluring
I let her off my mind
That I not wish to meet my voice with hers
That I not wished to know why she looked so dreamy, sad at times
That I not know who she was
How she lived, what she did, what she wanted to do.

But, the lovers leave
Unsincerity mingled
Then I saw her
On a rainy day
My hair wet
My hand rigid
She looked like the first time
Across the marsh
So I wanted to speak with her
But, my heart felt heavy
My tongue twisting
My fears condescending
And before I time myself
Long gone is she
Gone into the flooding marsh
When will I ever…?

The Box

Treasures within
Nostalgia held
Ethereal capitulation.

A memoir capsule
Slithering amongst dusty hues
Rigid wardrobe drawer
Locks it within.

It sits away
On lone wood
One touches it
On longing days
Dim light flickering
On its beguiling surface.

Movie tickets
Polaroid shots
Chocolate wrappers
Friendship bands
All intact.

Caressing valves
Of the palpate
Inside the thorax
Coveting its own

One leaves it
In desolation
One comes back
To fawn
Over its reassurance
And forever dwells
In its tender fossil.

Elastic Heart

A fleeting moment of silence
Succeeding an unanswered question
The one that gives a staggering strike
Onto your chest
As if the heart in its chamber is being proded
Out of your scarred back

In that instance, your body is an ocean
And in it sink the organs deep
Bleeding an unknown resonance of grief
Leaving you robotic for a moment
In that moment you leave for the after world
To come back like a dolphin leaping out of water
And spurt out the least noticeable words
To hide your devastation.

In that moment of catastrophic silence
A thousand memories, feelings, words gush out;
An emerging avalanche through your aching mind
But, you accept the reality of how one cannot travel
Back into the past
So you sit mute in everlasting regret
Cringing at your flesh

For the elastic heart, you’ve made yourself
Has not been ripped apart yet
Only stretched to agonising depths
And in its elasticity lives the foolish you
In recurring doubt, hope, belief and salvation.

Festive Lights

It’s not so bad to see the dark I like
To be lited by fluorescent lights
Draped on window glass
Smickering blue, green
Yellow, red strings

The momentary instant
Sparks of light across the sky
Death and rebirth of another
Cracker noise ascending to the roof
Though, pollution effected
A blast, war unrelated
Happiness, elated

Candles, candles
doormats adorned
Little, little
Drawings aside

Sweets to all
Taste of sharing
Smiles to all
Happy feelings

Festival spirit
Light the night
Ignite the heart