I reek, I do
So truly very much. Spanning as distant
as any relation; whirling people afar, insubstantial, far away
into null and void. Out of radius
out of heart . Galvanized mockery
They do not come back to me
Stained, impressed, here I am
in felony; Reprimanded in loose tallow
beneath worn boats, in a sovereign regime of continual dismay
And  frustration. To meet rejection
is crucification, shackles tightening every beat

And I am one to run
away from. For I reek, I do
So truly very much. Of solitude
of devoid isolation. This
stench I carry
Unbearable, unbecoming
The callous reigning. Who am I
to speak of? What am I to tell
you, a friend? When my soul companion, loneliness
keeps me shade. Misery reinforced, inescapable
How does one suffer
endlessly ruptured
by the laws of physics
and gravity? How does one keep
from intersection.  what sort of communication
holds magnification? What I do, what I did not do
what I will not do is irrelevant. For one cannot defy
the tottering spiral of solitaryness

And I shall bathe and bask, enlightened
in it’s intoxication like a witch
cooking in her boiling cauldron.

Who stops me, who keeps me away
from slow poison; booze and cheroot; the heights of feast
chuckle some jollity dying away
when you wake one morning
beside a stranger
in a strange place

Wailing away, a soft purr
feline kitten. I hear over my head, wipes my face
snuggles over my side all night. Warmth manifold, my medicine
My Ito, my thread
my yarn, connecting me to me
to the world, the people

Aghast, aghast so truly very much
I am. Of the grotesque
Images behind my eyelids
That he will perish
in my hands. They said OCD is your head, Beautiful
is yourself, you are blind.

Even so, fainter the stench
metamorphoses by the clocks. I wish
for amelioration, long into
tomorrow .Stay next to me, grow
with me
Mix your stench
Brim with mine. I shall seek
you, stench remover
My sunrise, red-orange blossom
All the way into the years
You will live.

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