Life Of A Stewardess: A Stewardess, I admire

A Stewardess, I admire
Yawning, when you rest for a brief moment inside your compartment
You remember the first plane, the quavering, the tensed airlift, your heart thumping
Into the atmosphere, ten thousand feet above
Holding on a brilliant smile for all passengers regardless
Of how tired you are, how sore your heels are
Your warmth, manifold
Bearing with rude commentary, impatient on board, sigh at the end of the day
Wholly, you administer to retain your figure as per the contract
Rushing between seats, restrooms, meals and the cabin asking to service, serving the laborious pilots
Always on standby for baggage to attend
You endear the view from the cockpit; how beautiful, unworldly, magnificent
Twisting colors of the sun, twilight being the finest
Watching the outline of many countries; you etch them onto your memory
City lights never looked prettier, adorning the surface of the earth
Oceans you meet like rich blue coastal paint, how marvelous you take pictures to dream
Your shifts, so loaded, you barely have time for your family
Somehow, you make it up to your children, even when you clearly need a rest
Staying at many hotels all over the sphere, you feel like a skilled traveler
At after parties with your co-workers, drinks and friendly chatter hit the day
In scarce time, you walk around unknown cities, how much it fills you with joy; the freedom, relief from frustration
You love it when you walk down the airport entrance
And everyone stops to stare at your elegance, your promising demeanor
Your job, you take pride in
And inevitably look for the reassuring safety of passengers
Uniforms, taken care of gently, fondly
All who’ve been to the airport never fail to remark your radiance
The freest profession you have, you know it
Although, every plane you get on, you’re bound to brood
You might never come back home
Yet, before you worry for yourself, you comply with your passionate duty
In your best, vow to protect passengers
The strenuous training you went through won’t be put to waste, you’ve lasted another flight
You’ll get on the next
And the coming
A stewardess you are
A stewardess you love to be

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