To Jane Doe

I decided to write a tribute to Jane Does out there, after stumbling across a variety of unsolved mysteries like Caledonia, #59, Simpsons, Mississippi, St.Louis Jane Does, a few to name. I felt an immense turmoil of grief and sadness. The ones I’ve mentioned here are present in the collaboration I put, have a good look at them. I want many people to learn about these cases and spread them all over. I’ve known many who don’t know what a Jane Doe is, how ignorant the world is, still surprises me.

Even, I’ve barely discovered these appalling tragedies myself. There’s a ton of websites such as by the FBI gov and organisations dealing, which allow any person to look on missing cases and help identify or hand in tips. Do visit them some time.

To Jane Doe
Does, wide over the world
Unidentified, forsaken
In misery, how they craft you
How they paint you
In hopes to find you
As lovely as your body
Disfigured or beheaded
You remain within the heart
Of those who hope to find you

To Jane Doe
Where you lay exposed
In abandoned basements, In mortifying conditions
In isolation, In laboratory
I pray over your feeble voice, strained
To cry out rivers
And bring your lovers to your vessel
Your soul undignified
To rest in peace
In peaceful parlor

To Jane Doe
Your Killer is unforgiven, judiciary guarantees
Never will you be forgotten
I wait for your case
From unsolved; a grieving statement
To solved and liberated, to reburial and found

To Jane Doe
You will be justified
The prosecutors, sheriffs, police officers
Are urgent to your despair
In hopes of relieving your spirit

To Jane Doe
You will be remembered

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