The Passionate Night’s Plead


The heartfelt melody seeps through a millennium agglomerated layers of soot and smoke
Deep down, worn and torn bodies smuggle lorries, riding the starless infinite eventide

Me and you are strangers, smeared in blood
Smacked in kisses, drowning in the night of sheer bliss

Under the dazzling moon, we shall rise and fall rhythmically
As you penetrate the lechery in me, for all thy world’s joy lies in my benevolent bosom.

Ah, what a splendid harmony
As our breathes quicken and you rise higher and higher above that dazzling moon, spreading your flamboyant wings
Embracing me from all hell’s misery

Ah, what a sin it makes, to adore you
       what a sin it makes, to yearn for you


I shall be your humble Empress on this sin filled obscureness
Guarding hell’s glory against you

Give us freedom
Give us joy
Give us Amour

And cheers to the sinless lone glass pieces
Rendering to their souls.

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