Wolf Children

[Watch video first]

I’ve spent most of the day hovering over this movie’s soundtracks and posters. It’s a beautiful depiction of a hard working and devoted mother to her two children: Ame and Yuki named after rain and snow.

What’s different is that these children aren’t your ordinary darlings but the impossible wolf children. Hana falls in love with a half human werewolf and proceeding the birth of her second child after a year, meets with his tragic death as he disappeared hunting food.

Soon enough, hana moves with her kids to the countryside where her husband grew up to safely raise her children away from the barging suspective neighbours the compact city life has to offer.

“Our family is a bit different from others”

Life as a mother was a strenuous art of endurance, patience, tolerance and affection but nonetheless, hana never stops in her tracks to protect them and their growing separate paths to follow.

He told me to keep smiling even through tough or painful times, even if I had to force myself to do it”

image Hana describes that raising her wolf children was like a fairytale as said by her daughter yuki.


For those curious, this Japanese animated movie was released in 2012 directed by Mamoru Hosoda and distributed by Toho with a box office of $55 million.Particularly, I’m a massive fan of studio ghibli movies and it’s unworldly animations, characters and plots. Wolf children produced by studio chizu has a familiar air to it, especially in the BG scenery and OST.

It’s a one-time worth watch, truly heart engulfing. It fills you with warmth and comfort, faith and belief reminding you of sunlight pouring into a dark room through the cracks of a dilapidated household which really is all the more uniquely significant.
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2 thoughts on “Wolf Children

  1. I loved Wolf Children! It’s definitely one of my favourite anime movies! ❤ I loved how the children developed so much in the film, and how they switched personalities in the end. Ame hated being a wolf, but then became one permanently. And Yuki, who loved her wolf, chose to let her human side dominate her in the end. It was such a beautiful movie and heart wrenching as well! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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    1. Yes, this movie definitely has my heart and nothing makes it so much wonderful than to see children grow. It almost makes you feel a part of what hana, their mother feels. You’re most welcome Eileen X. From now on, i’ll be posting similar movie recommendations, be sure to look at them all. They’re defintely worth a lifetime. Stay tuned!

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