Elastic Heart

A fleeting moment of silence
Succeeding an unanswered question
The one that gives a staggering strike
Onto your chest
As if the heart in its chamber is being proded
Out of your scarred back

In that instance, your body is an ocean
And in it sink the organs deep
Bleeding an unknown resonance of grief
Leaving you robotic for a moment
In that moment you leave for the after world
To come back like a dolphin leaping out of water
And spurt out the least noticeable words
To hide your devastation.

In that moment of catastrophic silence
A thousand memories, feelings, words gush out;
An emerging avalanche through your aching mind
But, you accept the reality of how one cannot travel
Back into the past
So you sit mute in everlasting regret
Cringing at your flesh

For the elastic heart, you’ve made yourself
Has not been ripped apart yet
Only stretched to agonising depths
And in its elasticity lives the foolish you
In recurring doubt, hope, belief and salvation.

7 thoughts on “Elastic Heart

    1. I guess you couldn’t have put it any better. Thank you.
      I’m sure you can find many ways to strech without breaking in the poems I write. I appreciate the comment!


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