Galactic Opus Through The Sea

I hear a distant sweet melody
That of a flute or bird’s morning song
That of a nightingale or robin
Far ahead of the docks where ships wail sirens, and muster sails.
The tranquil opus gorges through the silent smog, as good as vacuous harbourage that one should standstill to the wild blue yonder
To breathe, to feel in its comfort;
Wearied boyish sailors in uniforms simper across their features sing the mariner’s song, early travellers hush under the weight of unsettling baggage to the pleasant serenade, children whisper to hear out minutely the song of the sea.
The low nostalgic, the high galactic notes
It traverses like a smooth silk cloth fluttering, abiding in the wind
It stops once then comes back like a slithering soft violin in the distant hues of the glittering sea
It so wondrous, that one could remember the happy past memory to forget and forgive, to dive deep into the serenity of a constraint free fantasy world

One slender woman, eyes closed
Dancing with arms crafting the music onto the heavens
Stick holding grey man sat himself quietly
To breathe, to feel in its comfort;

One wishes to live in its ambience until death does him apart Regardless the ships depart along the music in its heart
On board weep in its mark
The galactic opus through the sea will come with the heart, once more

In the midst of all anxiety, tension, suffocation and restlessness just how do you calm your senses and breathe?
Many of us rely or depend on other things, persons or possessions to relieve your mind and walk forward unhesitatingly. 
We crave for someone to hold our hand and give it a squeeze as we pace into change; a new city, school, job, a marriage, a relationship, death of loved ones, depression and all our worries that make you feel like your sinking under water.
The soothing music the people at the harbour hear, ease their souls and becomes a part of their heart as they live in it’s medicine before they separate with it.
Have a lovely day.

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