Steamy Window

As the desert humidity sets in
Clouds scatter to distant particles
Leaving behind a blurry sweltry sky

The steamy bedside window dripping by the sand clock
As the grey R&B blues breeze into the ears of a feverish soul;
the flashing green head board of a 3-star inn, moving cars, and little shops like tiny pixels pierce through the steamy window
Draw me to our whiskey the other day

The pen wields my slaving distracted mind unable to carry on
Cigars crumble to ash engulfing the dim room, with a fresh minty scent
And the way smoke buzzes into the open on lonesome nights like this
Sweetly remind me of you who came in so vividly and filled me with words of affinity

While the cigar butts litter around me, dawn peeks above the horizon; There are no cigs, blues, pixels or steamy windows

Papers remain blank, the cigar fades, the music ends, the sky is lit
Whereby all is forgotten along the vanishing smoke
The words of affinity are carried away to the universe
The memory of the steamy window brings a steamy you
Pixeling the heart of emotions.

Have you ever felt your mind wandering unintentionally to past events, conversations, that person, that day or almost anything that has impacted you? So much that you’re unable to concentrate or do things your supposed to do; be it a paper to complete, a jog or a lesson even the vaguest and most irrelevant things lead you a connection to let your mind be distracted like the windows in this piece.
And before you know it, hours and hours have passed. Guess what? you haven’t done anything.
All you feel is a bizarre emptiness, desire and longing.
You give in to the temporary illusions- alcohol or tobacco hoping you could forget and it just seems to work inevitably.

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